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The Internet is made up of literally millions of merchandising companies, each struggling for their own spoonful of the vast stream of white hot revenue that flows from the Internet pipe. The thing that ties them all together in one place is the Merchandising company simply known as

The merchandising company, presents the Internet merchandiser the opportunity to promote their online business in good fashion by joining with a growing community of merchandisers. provides:

  • A direct merchandising link to the customer or end user.
  • A valuable back link to the individual merchandising website.
  • When a merchandising company first sets about selling their goods and services on the Internet, either through direct marketing, or affiliate marketing, the first thing that must be considered is the goal of the venture.

    For example, one must think of all the things from logo design to distribution. Then there is the age old formula that the cost of goods available reflects the price of goods available for sale.

    Merchandising is the practice of juggling available goods at a price that pays good dividends. At perhaps the simplest level, gold is a great example. The more folks want it, or the less there is of it, the more it costs. The same can be applied to virtually any good or service.

    Is the intent for your website to promote your brick and mortar company locally or do you plan to re-market other websites with affiliate marketing? In the case of the latter, distribution is not your problem. If it is the former, how do you plan to distribute your goods or services? Is your business to be one of retail merchandising services or wholesale merchandising services?

    If your company is a manufacturer of goods, and the strategy is to get those goods sold, how do you create Internet demand? If your company promotes goods and services with affiliate marketing, how do you create demand, so that you may make a profit selling the goods and services of others?

    Is your merchandising company a wholesaler or retailer and how do you drive the market to your door?

    Affiliate marketing is attractive because there is no inventory to worry with, but the rewards and risks are real, for you first much choose a product in demand with a commission profit potential great enough to allow you to make a profit, even as you are driving business to another company.

    However, since the company you are promoting can concentrate on actually producing the merchandise instead of having to worry with promoting it in the first place, the relationship works very well.

    There is an almost unlimited variety of merchandise available for promotion on the Internet. Sometimes the least of the products are the most valuable. For instance, while many compete to sell a buggy whip, only a few sell the handle that attaches to the whip. While the finished product commands the greatest price, the greatest merchandise profit may be in the much sought after components to make the item in the first place.

    Internet merchandising is an exciting business venture, because to be successful requires a great deal of merchandising strategy. Merchandising is fun, but actually making money is more fun.

    In modern times, in this crazy economy it's not enough to have only one job any longer. Many turn their eyes to the Internet for their second job, which may in time become their only job as companies and corporations tighten the screws.

    The Internet is the last and greatest bastion of entrepreneurism and capitalism, and it is the greatest market the world has ever known. People who long for the opportunity to "make it on their own," who are thoroughly tired of working for others often make their mark in the world by their own efforts and clever marketing. Of course, many underestimate not only the power of their own efforts, but also the tremendous effort one must go to in accomplishing merchandising success.

    Merchandising specialists of all specialties are also needed to service the merchandisers. This includes page makers, search engine optimization specialists, graphic designers, and a plethora of support services. Then there are the burgeoning Internet merchandisers of the human resources that is needed to help your company or website flourish in the Internet merchandising environment.

    Online merchandisers may only promote a single product, or a whole online department store of goods. Online service companies may offer only search engine optimization, or a wide array of services. However, most online merchandising concerns prefer to go "niche" which means promoting a small subset of goods and services. Indeed, as all who have had success online will attest, the Internet is all about niche.

    Whatever your website sells, whether innovative goods or innovative services, you do have competition. offers you a twofold opportunity. First, because of its high and getting higher page rank, it is a great tool for you to use to promote your merchandising efforts outright. Secondly, offers a great back link back to your website which in turn raises your website higher in the search engines.

    It is a merchandising fact of the Internet that the best million dollar website in the whole world is useless if no one can find it. Often, someone well schooled in whatever their website is offering is the last person to understand the marketing concepts needed to put their website in front of the eyes of their customers.

    Thus, placing a ridiculously low cost page with to advertise a website is a simple and cost effective way to accomplish off page search engine optimization.

    A thing to remember is that only the first ten listings on a search engine matter. Second page listings don't count. And the closer your page is to the top for whatever you are selling is, the more money you will make for your efforts.

    The no-frill methods of, in attracting varied merchandising concerns is an effective way to promote your merchandise business online. Each and every time we make a new page, because of the way this site is built, every merchant is strengthened.

    More pages equals better search engine positioning for, and by extension, better positioning for your page, and by extension, better positioning for you r website where you want the customers in the first place.

    Advertise your merchandising company here. Place your merchandising page with now. Set it and forget it. We'll do what is necessary to get your business found on the Internet!

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